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Superior investment strategy


FT Quant is a fully regulated (UCITS) mutual fund with a global fully flexible investment strategy focused on delivering high long term returns with lower volatility. Fund invests only in high quality companies that are undervaled.

Investment process is fully quantitative – that is why we call the fund FT Quant.

It is one of the rare funds that are so transparent as investors can get access to the fund manager directly and can read the whole investment strategy on this website.


Dynamically safe

Without stress even in recessions

We adjust risk based on macroeconomic conditions

Absolutely lucrative

Offers high long term returns

We find best opportunities around the world while avoiding large drawdowns

New approach

Latest research findings implemented

We focus on robust investment methods that give us an edge


August 2017 – monthly fund commentary

Equity markets finished August lower. Global equity index MSCI World lost 0,9%, European stock lost the most (-1,22%) while Nordic countries were the only positive performers.   Even though goepolitical risk are rising again stock are quite stable - volatility which...

July 2017 – monthly fund commentary

Equity markets around the world finished the month of July in the red. Index MSCI World (measured in EUR) lost 1,01%, while Europe was the only market with positive returns. Euro has gained a lot in the past few months, partially because of expectations that ECB will...

June 2017 – monthly fund commentary

In the previous few months/quarters most of the inflows in the market went to index funds and ETF. Passive investment now hold more than a third of all invested assets in the stock market and there seems to be no stopping of the trend. This has made sound investment...

May 2017 – monthly fund commentary

Global stock markets closed lower in May. Stocks lost 1,5% on average, Asian stock exchanges fell the most (-4,8%), European stocks were best performers (+0,8%). High price increases can be again seen in the most overvalued parts of the stock market. Investors find...

April 2017 – monthly fund commentary

Stock markets around the world finished April in negative teritory. Index MSCI ACWI lost 0.4%, while stocks rose in Europe, where they gained 1,3% on average. Strong overvaluation is still present in the US market where valuation based on some metrics (P/S ratios) is...

March 2017 – monthly fund commentary

Global stock markets finished the month mixed. Differences in returns were quite large - EU stocks gained more than 5%, US and Asian stocks lost a bit more than a half percent. Without EU stock globaly closed the month in negative teritorry (-0,66%) as measured by...

Luka Gubo

Luka Gubo

Quantitative analyst and Fund manager Luka Gubo has longtime experiences in area of developing quantitative models and investment strategies. His focus is implementation of findings of world-renowned academicians in practice, that is development of investment approaches, which have high risk adjusted returns. He defends complete transparency of operating and highly systematic decision making in investment process.

Igor Erker

Igor Erker

Igor previously served as Fund Manager and CIO at Ilirika Asset Management ltd. where he managed emerging markets focused funds focusing on BRIC, Asia and regional emerging European markets. In 2003, he co-founded MP Asset Management Inc., now Alta Funds Inc., where he managed four emerging markets funds, while overlooking the development of MP‘s entire product range of funds. Funds were consistently ranked among top performing funds in their categories.

Mitja Madon

Mitja Madon

Prior to joining Numerica Partners Mitja was a Restructuring Manager for one of the top shareholders of Sava Inc. From 2005 to 2009 Mitja was a Director of Financial Markets Division at Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank. In 2003, he initiated the bank’s local investment banking practice. Beforehand, he spent three years as a Head of Portfolio Management at Poteza Inc., now Alta Group. He is also an Investment Committee Member of Ljubljana based venture capital fund.


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